Sat in Bill's on John Dalton Street

Bill's 15th Nov 2017.jpg

Bill's Manchester

It is with many thanks to Nicola Marsh that I have been introduced to Bill's on John Dalton Street. A new hidey hole for me when in Manchester. Lovely coffee with lovely food, and has allowed me to get a number of items, both personal and business done. Just awaiting Dan McDevitt for a coffee, which I'm looking forward to as I've not seen him for a while and keen to hear the latest on The Advantage Machine.

The week has been good thus far and yesterday was productive as I saw Lou and Jon of Kuvalab to chat about the re-brand of the Found Us website to be reflective of my shift into consultancy around people. I want Found Us to be a "People Consultancy" and I like that phrase; it sums up my being there for people whilst earning a little bit of money.