A 40 mile run from Holmebridge to Buxton, with 7k feet of cumulative climb.

Saturday 24th March's entertainment was the Four Inns, as part of the motley team called "The Pink Mugs" made up of myself, Jon Allen, Nick Manning, and Adam Speed. Third time doing what is a cracker of a fell race, but a tough one. It's 40 miles, with 7,000 feet of cumulative climb across some of the bleakest terrain the Peak District has to offer, with navigation thrown in. That said the challenge, the banter, the atmosphere makes it addictive.

Sadly this year, Nick had to retire at The Snake Inn, with myself, Adam, and Jon continuing to Buxton. Whilst not our fastest time, we came 11th having made up lost time. So we were, and are all happy with that. I'd strongly recommend doing the race; it is certainly something to work to.


2018 results: https://www.derbyshirescouts.org/fourinns/results