Hokusai Kanagawa

Hokusai Kanagawa

About to do my duty as a Policeman in our forthcoming production of The Pirates of Penzance. Really looking forward to the rehearsal today and the fun the comes with that. Having said that quite tired to say the least. Yawn… I was shattered yesterday and was in bed for 7.30pm and slept all the way through – must have needed it – and it has left me feeling tired. Maybe there is such a thing as having too much sleep?

Still stunned by the unfolding disaster in Japan, and I pray and hope they can get the nuclear reactors under control. Japan, as such, is not large, and if they go up it could make part of Japan inhabitable and this just does not comprehend. They say a whole town of 10,000 people is missing. A whole town, and I shudder. These people must have had not time, been in fear, and never had time to say goodbye – it is awful beyond belief.

You can donate to the Red Cross that is co-ordinating rescue events in Japan.