A day off (sort of) as I recover from the Trigger 2018

Well today I rest my tired (but no real aches) body from the Trigger fell race, 24 miles with 5k of climb from Marsden to Edale at a time of year when the weather can be horrible. Yesterday's fun, and a real challenge of a run.


Enough said on me to be frank. Special mention goes to Ryan Townrow who ran the Trigger and then ran it in reverse... 50 miles and 10k of climb, with the reverse in the dark accompanied for support by Richard Mackey and Chrsi Guest. An amazing feat and all to raise money for his niece who is suffering from a terrible disease (MPS) that will cut her life expectancy. She's a lovely little thing and Ryan a great bloke. If you could donate, then I'd be grateful.


Flickr photos: https://www.flickr.com/gp/petercobley/854307