Tuesday of this week marked the last time that I do something that was for me the wrong route. Leaving the WGT, at a time I cannot honestly remember, in a state that was not good, and driving home. Wednesday saw the decision made, enough, and it was hard especially when going out for lunch with Richard and Rebecca. But I made it to the Sally and shared for the first time, and it helped. Finally the penny had dropped, and support was forthcoming. I was up to the early hours, watching TV, thinking, and checking finances – it all made sense. Yesterday was better, much better, with the decision being correct, and a meeting with SB at the Marble Arch in Manchester. Made it to Congleton and had a great time with the people there, and my contributing. Hit Tesco in Congleton, bought provisions, went home, and again it dawned on me what exactly had been happening as I emptied, cleaned the fridge, and ultimately cooked.

So happy to still be here.