Well yesterday finished well… I stayed over in Leeds on Thursday night and had an enjoyable drink with Shaggy, alias Mr James Watson. More to come on this character. Anyway I retired to the hotel for a nice sleep in preparation for a board meeting the following morning. On waking up I decided to have a long shower, and left the bathroom door open. On getting dressed the hotel fire alarm sounded! Yikes. I scurried around grabbing items as I needed to get to work, and thought I’d combine leaving and evacuating at the same time. Good plan!

A knock on the door! A knock on the door! Drat I am to be forcibly evacuated.

I answered the door… It was a maintenance man with a walkie talkie. Apparently the heat sensor had been triggered in my room! Two seconds of thought… Long shower, heat sensor, fire alarm… S**t and whoops… I apologise and the nice maintenance man said it might be a faulty sensor.

I grabbed my possessions, and made for reception, whilst weaving in between hotel guests (with wet hair etc) fleeing imminent immolation and the Towering Inferno.

On quickly grabbing my receipt, I legged it for the office…