Well it has snowed, and whilst not big flakes thundering down, it is clear that enough snow falls over time, and sticks due to ambient conditions then you have snowed in conditions. Now, I am not snowed in at home in Macclesfield, but it will make for interesting travel to Manchester for a 3pm, 4pm, and 6pm meeting. Definitely going to use the train and in no way go near the car, apart from driving to the station. I have checked the train schedules and so far so good, though I do anticipate some delays.

The snow is causing chaos as the school next door is clearly closed as I cannot hear the kids, and Helen has let me know that Holly is off school today and they are in Glossop this morning.

I am glad that I am not heading to Leeds today, M62, but that said I probably would not have made the journey if due in Leeds today – just not worth the risk, or the time wasted, or the stress or worry.

A number of colleagues in Leeds have not made it into work today as the weather is that bad as are the driving conditions.

I’ll be interested to see how the weather fares for the rest of this week as I am aiming to be in Leeds tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday (possibly).