Closure can be a good thing. In fact a very good thing… But at the same time tinged with sadness. I suppose I knew the inevitable, I really did. A rash decision if you ask me, but then what would the future have brought. Would it have worked? Probably not, and I have to realise and accept that. This now allows me to move on and certainly make an impact in a way that I know I want to, and can do…

What picture do I post? To sum up things?

Sadness for what was and could have been

Why can people be so mean and so foolish? The stubbornness, the lack of looking deep into the mirror and being honest, and facing those demons, and flaws – we all have them. I know I do, and I bitterly regret things recently.

Me? I know who I am. Flawed, but a nice guy. Why do others though have to be so harsh? Or so rash?

Time to close this story, and another story starts… A story I write…