Well you can tell that I have been busy to say the least, in that I have not made an entry in a while; work has been manic as has the social life, time in Leeds in the corporate flat, especially with the beer festival on the 6th and 7th May, and then a busy weekend just gone including the Macclesfield Bikeathon.

Well the beer festival went down a treat, with many people attending and enjoying the bash, all in the cause of Park Lane Special School Macclesfield. As to the Bikeathon? Hard work Sunday just gone with the Bikeathon, in that I towed Cassie 27.2 miles around Cheshire, Cassie being Karl’s daughter. The weather was not great and it was chilly. The kids were great though, but by gosh pulling a five year along for quite a distance in bad weather on a mountain bike is hard work.

The last bank holiday was also good fun in that myself and a group of fellow bikers did the Mary Townley loop; strongly recommend it!