Let me tell you a story children, it’s a sad story about a nice young man called Peter trying to get a taxi somewhere in Macclesfield, bu suffering at the hands of the taxi companies that frequent the town.

Yesterday, whilst consuming of the ale in the venerable Waters Green, the lead actor, Mr Peter Cobley, ordered a cab around 12 midnight for 12.30am. Yes, naughty on a school night.

More suprising was the response from Macclesfield Radio Cars. Can we come earlier as we are closing? For fuck’s sake. And to make matters worse, Peter called today around 5.30pm only to be told nothing was available for two hours. That said Peter did try Silverown Taxis to get the same response.

In a nutshell taxis in Macclesfield are crap. They advise a 24 hour service and don’t deliver – I name and shame a number.

Macclesfield Radio Cars
Etc etc

Note these are the established ones, and no criticism is levelled at the nice chaps/ladies on the rank by the train station who understand the principles of running a bleeding taxi service.

If you arrive in Macclesfield, don’t bother with the established firms! As a local that is my advice.