Cake Race Recce.

The UK is experiencing its warmest February day on record, with the Met Office reporting a temperature of 20.6C (69.08F) at Trawsgoed, Ceredigion. BBC News

Looking down toward Diglea and Diggle from just below Brun Clough

It was a gorgeous Monday in which to start work after being away in Hamilton with the in laws for half term. You could not have asked for a more beautiful Saddleworth.

I’d planned to run the Cake Race route around 4pm, but headed off from Boat Lane in Diglea around 5.30pm, without head torch thinking this would be okay. Subjected to warm weather, it had the taste of a balmy summer evening, with spectacular colouring under an Autumnal sun.

I did get caught out by the lack of head torch forgetting it is February and lost the light by 6.30pm as I hit the Wessenden Reservoir. I ploughed on whilst mulling over the route through the Marsden Golf Club then back to Diglea. The iPhone torch was needed in the forest by the golf club, a tad tricky, with not too much mishap making my way back over the moors and down Boat Lane to Diglea, to then jump into the car to head to Greenfield for a Saddleworth Runners committee meeting.

Panoramic photo from just after Brun Cough, looking to Pule Hill