A wedding, A fell run, A lunch, A birthday.

A weekend involving a cousin’s wedding, a rather long fell run on Sunday, a lunch with Mother, and a birthday celebration.

Saturday saw a slow start to the day as we readied ourself for heading to Pontefract for my cousin John’s wedding at the King’s Croft Hotel, a lovely venue and a special place and time for Hollie and John. The family clan was gathered, always an interesting affair with some people not having seen others in years.

The wedding went well. Not too many guests and just right in terms of atmosphere. Certainly not in your face and all inclusive. The wedding itself was held in an outside glass pavillion before we returned to the hotel for a sit down meal of fine fare, funny speaches, to then move to nattering prior to the first dance and the fun. A casino had been laid on, good disco, hog roast and paella for evening guests with people chatting and kids playing. We both enjoyed ourselves and whilst we’d driven from Saddleworth did not find this too arduous. We said our goodbyes knowing that we’d see people in a couple of monthsfor another family wedding reception, so all was good.

Flickr wedding photos.

Today meant getting up early to head for a run from Marsden with John Haigh and Alice Mclean. I’d planned a route which was an extension of an original route I’d run a while back with Ryan Townrow. We set off from Marsden heading for the Holmfirth Road by The Huntsman PH, then onto Black Hill, to return via the old Pennine Way route ultimately hitting Black Moss Reservoir, to then head back to Marsden. 18 miles with 2.5k climb in what were not great conditions - cold, bit of rain, certainly damp.

Strava Marsden Loop.

Flickr Marsden loop photos.

I’d picked John Haigh up and then promptly returned him to Greenfield as we needed to be at the Cross Keys Inn for lunch with Mother who was returning Ted from having looked after him over the weekend. Food was good and one tired dog.

Back home for a rest with The Boss kindly volunteering to do the shopping at Aldi. I think it was more a question of her not wanting me wandering around trying to buy chainsaws and other random Aldi gear. Shoping unpacked and then a walk to the Rising Sun pub for drinks and pizza to celebrate Andy Poole’s birthday.

Back home now and relaxing. Soon to rent Black Klansman…