Lancaster University

Lancaster Management School, Mentoring, Orange Chocolate Pudding.

Today saw me drive up a rain lashed M6 to my alma mater, i.e. Lancaster University, to offer advice to the very clever Arienne, one of the Management School students who I am mentoring as part of working with the Management School.

It is a leading establishment for MBAs (Wikipedia) and well respected. Doubt I’d get in, despite having got a degree in Law from the university eons ago…

Lancaster House Hotel, Lancaster University

Lancaster House Hotel, Lancaster University

Point 1. It stopped raining by the time I got here.

Point 2. Good chat with Arienne as she seeks a third year industry placement in marketing/advertising.

Point 3. I have tried to explain to Arienne that she ought to run for the hills rather than get a career in my business; look at me for example. She smiled politely.

Point 4. It is nice to give something back and get a fuzzy warm feeling.

On a more serious note, I play an important role in helping out at the Management School and really enjoy it. I genuinely do. It is nice to help people with advice and years of experience having worked in offline and online media; and for people who want to listen and learn, with their enthusiasm rubbing off one me. One thing though… why do they all look so young? Sigh…

(Please note, I did enjoy the chocolate and orange pudding, with chocolate orange custard in the hotel.)