A 50th, A broken bike and ride, The C-Bomb. (And the PIG!)

An eclectic weekend in my humble opinion that saw bike purchases, tiredness, a broken chain, a cinema to ourselves, and great usage of the C-Bomb, not to mention a great 50th for a lovely fella (even if he is a grump.)

Olivia Coleman

Saturday saw an early start with a Ted walk and breakfast followed by a trip to Evans Cycles and Decathlon for swimming and cycling gear at the National Cycling Centre. Some great bargains at the Evans and we picked up some nice clothing, and I’m very happy with my Fox long sleeved top with a perforated fabric; reckon it will double up for running. One highlight was watching the nutters on the BMX track, which I’ve never seen, practice starts. It was amazing to see the fluidity with which they cycled.

BMX bandits!

We retreated home for a sleep and then put the glad rags on for the occasion of the weekend. The 50th birthday bash of Nick Gregory, aka Grumpy. A longstanding and ex-member of Macclesfield Round Table, great Dad to Tom and Will (speaking of Tom, how tall is he now?!?!) and hubby to the ace Rebecca. Affectionately known by those in the know as “Grumpy”.

Flickr photos

A rare occasion of smiling when giving a sermon to the Great Unwashed.

A genuinely lovely fella and what a great bash with local band, Monkey Harris, belting out some smashing Madchester Indie tunes for the 40/50 somethings, which sent The Boss into dance mode with others and note you youngsters all the “shapes” that were being made.

Sunday saw what we call in the trade, a “non-bike ride” as The Boss and I headed off in miserable weather for a long bike ride. On nearly reaching Grains Bar about 4/5 miles in my road chain blew up and yours truly was stranded in freezing wind. The Boss shot of to get Pierre the Peugeot for recovery whilst I walked and free wheeled to the Roebuck pub, which he’d never been into. And what a lovely pub that is dog friendly and clearly serves nice food. A coffee was ordered whilst waiting and to thaw out, with The Boss eventually joining for a cup of tea. Back home for chores and then back out again to return clothing at Blacks on Deansgate, and the purchase of 10 speed (idiot boy managed to purchase a 11 speed) chain, followed by food at My Thai, and then the Print Works for a showing of The Favourite.

My Thai on John Dalton Street (some Scottish Bird)

Now, onto The Favourite. Firstly we got to Vue at the Print Works to have a whole screen to ourselves. The film was great and recommended, and you can surely read up on it. This point was and is the use of the C-Bomb which was both impressive and astounding. I may go back and watch the film solo just to count how many times it was used…

The C-Bomb seating.

One thing also worthy of mention was the fact it was Chinese New Year celebrations on Sunday, officially Tuesday was new year, and celebrations kicked off Thursday. We were greeted after the Thai food to an explosion of fireworks and I reminisced about my Pig encounter in St Anne’s Square on Friday. Long live The Pig!