Five years later... Found Us.

Five years ago yesterday Peter Cobley Recruitment Ltd, trading as Found Us was incorporated as a limited company.

It has been a successful ride along the way, and it’s had it’s challenges like any new business has. Onwards and upwards to use an old phrase.

There have been many supporters along the way, and too many to mention but you know who you are. And thank you. Two people I will single out is my lovely wife Claire who has been a cheerleader from day one, and has had to put up with me - love you loads. Xxx. The other? A marvellous character called Mike Pegg, look him up!

(Found Us? It is a business about people, an area I have excelled in both work wise and personally. The consultancy revolves around supporting people in their work and personal life with the following: head hunting centric to the advertsing industry, consultancy services, and mentoring/training. Generally speaking the business focuses on senior people. What is senior? Well they don’t have to be old farts, it is about experience, growth, where people are in life. Work and personally. It is about encouraging people going somewhere to maybe go somewhere else. Yes head hunting is recruitment, but so what? You do not have to treat people as a commodity or clients, or chuck CVs all over show. I distill a lot of advice with over 20 years of working in the business blended with worldly advice. I am known to be a bit fluffy and always try and do what is right, and I am probably the world’s worst recruiter because I care, and tell people what they need to hear, and this telling people to stay where they are. I love workrking for free with up and coming young things who are referred to me. It is not about the money for me. Not any more. What is YOUR picture of success? It does not have to be money and status. It can be giving back and not taking. Thanks to Mike Pegg )

(I very rarely put roles up, so if you visit Found Us website don’t expect to see any! I prefer to chat to people, as is norm with senior people, and NO RIFF RAFF.)

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