Yesterday was fun to say the least, and in beautiful weather. So, let me begin. I got up, yawned, then headed off from Glossop to Shrigley Hall Hotel next to Bollington to pick up my Yank friend, Brian, over on business. We then drove via a stop off at Buxton to his hotel outside of Leek (me having to dodge Sunday “sunny” drivers, cyclists, and walkers) to then drop him off for check in.

From Leek to Stockport to pick up James Bose to then head to Preston to look at some kittens (work colleague of James) one of which I think I will take.

Bear in mind poor Brian and I have had no lunch. Brian thanks for being so so understanding.

Back from Preston with me panicing as I have to cook lunch for Claire in the evening, and I am pushed for time, and have not been shopping… Dashed to Tesco Stockport with the boys helping me with the shopping.

But still had to get James home and Brian to Leek, then back to Glossop to cook dinner. Hmmm…

We did the maths and figured it could be done, so time for a couple at the Magnet on the A6, much to the delight of Brian.

Right, James dropped off at home – check. Brian en route to Leek – check. But a big thank you to Brian for a change to the plan that saved me time; he kindly offered to be dropped off in Macclesfield for him to then get a taxi to Meerbrook for The Lazy Trout pub – which I introduced him to when driving past it in the morning after he checked in at his hotel, The Three Horsehoes Inn & Country Hotel – Well that saved me time, so off to Glossop for dinner duties, and without further detail dinner was cooked succesfully for Claire, with Ed the dog getting lamb shanks and lamb to chew on. Mind you Ed did disgrace himself after he was caught humping a blanket put down for him to lie on – bad boy.