Strolling on the moors... Thursday's cheerful post.

Yesterday early evening my two buddies (wife and dug) and I meandered across part of the Cake Race route in the hills above Marsden and Diggle. What a wonderful evening in a blaze of colour showing the Saddleworth Moors at their best.

Looking toward Pule Hill and Redbrook Reservoir.

Claire, Ted, and I wandered up to Brun Clough on the Pennine Way and made our way toward Black Moss reservoir above Diggle. A favourite of ours for walking Ted.

Pano shot looking at Black Moss and away - all in one photo.

A rather busy weekend, BUT no fell running!

The weekend just gone was action packed in that we were out in the great outdoors in the snow. But no fell running… Due to a fall on ice.

Stanage Edge

Friday was a retreat to bed tired after a hard week and aching on my right side. Wednesday night I’d been walking Ted and went over very hard on black ice on a local path. My feet went under me and I landed on my back, luckily I was wearing my Rab thick down coat and it cushioned a lot of the impact and prevented my head cracking the Tarmac; it could have been very bad. Since then my ribs on my right side have prevented me running with moving, especially sleeping, painful indeed.

Saturday saw us gather but not run (me with bashed ribs, Claire with plantar fasciitis) the annual Gerry’s Castleshaw Canter from Delph, renamed in honour of Gerry who sadly passed away recently, a much loved elder statesman of the club. Ted, Claire, and I watched the start, then parked above Delph to watch the runners come in across Ox Hey Top/Broad Lane. We missed out on the running, but what a day for a walk, and for the runners.

Leading the pack was V60 (yes, V60) Mr Chris Davies, with first lady back being Gaynor Keane. Impressive in the terrain, and tricky underfoot snow.

The run was followed by tea and home baked cake at the Torr’s in Delph in their beautiful house, with donations to the club charity. I stuffed my face, not sure about the wife, but Ted is always partial to lemon drizzle cake.

Flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmxSm6S4

And we must not forget Super Ted had a belting time in the snow; running about like a young pup, bearing in mind he’s 12 years old.

Later on that evening was the annual Saddleworth Runners presentation bash at the lovely Saddleworth Golf Club. The event sees club prizes awarded (we picked up second male and Claire second female - boom), nice food, drink, and company both old and new. And of course the Wooden Spoon award for the best failure of the last year, won by my wife for missing my by two hours at the Snake Pass summit when supporting me on the 24 mile Marsden to Edale Trigger fell race, and also forgetting my bag of fresh clothes to change into! Matters were made worse by the fact I’d won the spoon the year before and Claire wanted to see the back of it.

Flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmv4e8fh

With my side still hurting like heck and playing up on the Saturday night as I laughed I was glad for a nice walk with “The Pigs” on Sunday from Hathersage across Stanage Edge. Whilst bitterly cold at times, it was well worth the effort just to lap up the views.

Flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmxVsVkF

Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/2122430117

It was good to be out with Claire, Ted, Gavin, Steve, and especially Andy who I’d not seen for a while.


Yesterday saw a great run with Claire and Ted the dog from Old Glossop up to the summit of Bleaklow and back again via Doctor’s Gate.

A bit of a hard run in places but with great views. A funny incident was seen in Claire losing the sole of one of her Walsh trail boots, with laces used to hold the shoe together! Claire solidered on and we all made it back to beer and crisps and dog biscuits in the Queen’s Arms in Old Glossop; followed by a steak dinner!

Poor Ted was shivering at times as he had been for a haircut on Friday.

And today sees Ted pooped out from it all!

Finished Run: 5 Oct 2014 18:20:22

Stopped Time: 1:08:35

Route: New Route

Run Link: http://cyclemeter.com/b88ee4dd4e9a0211/Run-20141005-1513

Import Link: http://share.abvio.com/b88ee4dd4e9a0211/Cyclemeter-Run-20141005-1513.kml

Run Time: 1:57:48

Ascent: 1728 feet

Distance: 12.15 miles

Average: 9:42 /mile

Fastest Pace: 7:16 /mile

Descent: 1682 feet

Calories: 1302

GPX Link: http://share.abvio.com/b88ee4dd4e9a0211/Cyclemeter-Run-20141005-1513.gpx