Shrigley Hall Hotel, Kinder, a Curry, Big Daddy and Golf.

The weekend just gone saw a get together with Mr Michael Thompson, Mr Richard Johnson, and Mr Andy Clifton at Shrigley Hall Hotel. A special occasion as we'd not seen Andy for quite a while.

I'd not seen Mike in a while, and certainly not seen Andy in a long time with the same for Richard and Mike; so we were all looking forward to it and choose a rather nice venue - Shrigley Hall Hotel, an excellent location for me calling in on my father on Sunday. We gathered Friday for food at The Windmill in Whiteley Green with Andy getting in for around 9pm and then joining us, with Saturday seeing a marvellous walk across Kinder from Hayfield with the weather clement with excellent views. Good chat was had on what ended up being 8 miles and 2k of climb. Back to the hotel, a couple of hours sleep for me, then off to the curry mile to Mughli for Indian Tapas which was excellent followed by a high street wander, cake and biscuit purchasing. A fell run (gentle) was squeezed in above the hotel with excellent views, breakfast, and some "golf" if that is what you could call it... Can't wait for the next catch up.