Four years ago Found Us was founded on this day.

Funny how I look back now and think about the company behind Found Us being incorporated four years ago today, Peter Cobley Recruitment Ltd.

The business has come a long way since then and that delights and tickles me. It has been a journey of learning, discovery, and certainly the discovery of people. I've thus far met a number of nice and wonderful people en route and this is what keeps me going when market conditions are challenging, e.g. Brexit.

The business has given me the flexibility, and don't get me wrong I work hard like all business owners, and the opportunity to pursue my passion of fell running with the Saddleworth Runners, and importantly go on adventures with my wonderful wife Claire, without whom this business would not have worked or grown. A high school teacher from Hamilton, she's grounded and cuts through all the hype and the like, that can surround advertising, media, and marketing and has shown me that the business can do something worthwhile, like teaching kids, with the people I work with. And I'll always remember to give back, even if I cannot charge for it. That really is what life is about, seeing people grow and helping them as they do. (Thanks Mr Pegg.)

(Special mention is also made to Super Ted; my buddy, my pal, the Company Chairman and Mascot. Long may he walk with me as I make phone calls. Long my he kick off at complete strangers when in a grump...)

Matt and Rob, you know who you are, especially Matt - thanks, that's all I can genuinely say.

Thanks also to Mike Pegg. I've learnt a lot about giving.

Lastly, candidates and clients, too many to mention - I love you all, even the difficult ones.