In Leeds at mission control, in the home offices next to Roundhay Park, and all is well on this Monday 25th February 2013. Lots to do today, but pretty mundane stuff if honest, including two sales reports. And staying ovger this evening at Mr Cunningham’s with a curry this evening at Spice in Yeadon.

So, no drive to Leeds tomorrow from Macclesfield, which is a nice thing considering the traffic at one point this morning, on the way into Leeds. I think I may try and squeeze a swim in after work at Fernville Leisure Centre, which is round the corner from work.

A great weekend with a nice thrash with Andy Cottam around Gisburn Forest on Saturday, and with snow that made it all that much harder. Followed by watching the film “Flight” with Helen at Cineworld in Ashton, and what a great film with Denzel Washington.