Strolling on the moors... Thursday's cheerful post.

Yesterday early evening my two buddies (wife and dug) and I meandered across part of the Cake Race route in the hills above Marsden and Diggle. What a wonderful evening in a blaze of colour showing the Saddleworth Moors at their best.

Looking toward Pule Hill and Redbrook Reservoir.

Claire, Ted, and I wandered up to Brun Clough on the Pennine Way and made our way toward Black Moss reservoir above Diggle. A favourite of ours for walking Ted.

Pano shot looking at Black Moss and away - all in one photo.

A cracking time in Wales running the Penmaenmawr fell race 2017

A cracking time was had by those who attended the Penmaenmawr fell race on Saturday 18th November, from the Saddleworth Runners. Claire and I travelled down Friday night to Caer Ruhn Hall, about 20 minutes drive from the race which incidentally is at Capelulo up in the hills from the costal town. Pleased we did this as it was a nice break, not to mention we avoided an early start, whilst scoffing a lovely breakfast. I now wonder if the race is named after Penmaenmawr so that people can find the place! As to the hall, what a magnificent place, and I have popped a URL below; it is a hidden gem due to see better times from the hotel company that now owns it. Fingers crossed.

One of the funny things of Saturday, apart from an excellent race, were the Dutch running group who as a club make a habit of each year attending a British fell race!

Lastly, special mention goes to the The Tal Y Cafn pub where Claire and I had dinner Friday evening when staying at the hall. A wonderful old building refurbished to a modern standard inside, with amazing food. But what made it all the more special was the Manger spotted Claire's Hamilton accent, and we discovered he is from Hamilton, and went to the same school as Claire; it was fun to watch them chat.

Sadly, we headed back  home after I raced as Claire was still struggling with a terrible cold, and left the others to head off to Mark Brakspear's place in Abersoch.

Penmaenmawr fell race route.




Yesterday saw a great run with Claire and Ted the dog from Old Glossop up to the summit of Bleaklow and back again via Doctor’s Gate.

A bit of a hard run in places but with great views. A funny incident was seen in Claire losing the sole of one of her Walsh trail boots, with laces used to hold the shoe together! Claire solidered on and we all made it back to beer and crisps and dog biscuits in the Queen’s Arms in Old Glossop; followed by a steak dinner!

Poor Ted was shivering at times as he had been for a haircut on Friday.

And today sees Ted pooped out from it all!

Finished Run: 5 Oct 2014 18:20:22

Stopped Time: 1:08:35

Route: New Route

Run Link:

Import Link:

Run Time: 1:57:48

Ascent: 1728 feet

Distance: 12.15 miles

Average: 9:42 /mile

Fastest Pace: 7:16 /mile

Descent: 1682 feet

Calories: 1302

GPX Link:



A magnificent 12.34 fell run happened on Saturday just gone, and whilst the weather was patchy, all in all it was a great run.

Claire was on top form, and yes still have fun trying to keep up with her when she is in in downhill mode.


Route: New Route

Activity: Run

Run Link:

Import Link:

Started: 27 Sep 2014 11:00:36

Run Time: 2:05:58

Stopped Time: 19:37

Distance: 12.34 miles

Average Pace: 10:13 /mile

Fastest Pace: 7:47 /mile

Ascent: 1480 feet

Descent: 1528 feet

Calories: 1439