Yes, yet again I phoned Macclesfield Radio Cars and Silvertown to get the usual crappy response from Macclesfield firms.

  1. Father and I are out on Friday and phone a cab at 10pm, to be told the first cab Macclesfield Radio Cars can do is 12 midnight. FAIL!
  2. Silvertown were also tried, who did not bother answering the phone! FAIL!

It is about time people stood up and denounced the awful service from Macclesfield Radio Cars and Silvertown. Shocking to say the least.

Annoyingly they have a lot of contract work, and personally I would pull that by way of protest as to the shoddy customer service they give. For example, a taxi recently from Macclesfield Radio Cars turned up over half an hour late with no explanation, nor apology. It was presumed to be the norm. Call me bitchy, but this is just not acceptable at all in the slightest.

And to make matters worse the local council does nothing.