Shrigley Hall Hotel, Kinder, a Curry, Big Daddy and Golf.

The weekend just gone saw a get together with Mr Michael Thompson, Mr Richard Johnson, and Mr Andy Clifton at Shrigley Hall Hotel. A special occasion as we'd not seen Andy for quite a while.

I'd not seen Mike in a while, and certainly not seen Andy in a long time with the same for Richard and Mike; so we were all looking forward to it and choose a rather nice venue - Shrigley Hall Hotel, an excellent location for me calling in on my father on Sunday. We gathered Friday for food at The Windmill in Whiteley Green with Andy getting in for around 9pm and then joining us, with Saturday seeing a marvellous walk across Kinder from Hayfield with the weather clement with excellent views. Good chat was had on what ended up being 8 miles and 2k of climb. Back to the hotel, a couple of hours sleep for me, then off to the curry mile to Mughli for Indian Tapas which was excellent followed by a high street wander, cake and biscuit purchasing. A fell run (gentle) was squeezed in above the hotel with excellent views, breakfast, and some "golf" if that is what you could call it... Can't wait for the next catch up.

Cake Race, Coiners Fell Race, and Old County Tops (Gulp)

The Cake Race was my first attempt at organising a fell running race, and by no means an easy choice.

Bank Holiday Saturday, 5th May 2018 saw over 200 runners participate on a glorious but scorching hot day with the temperature in excess of 25 degrees C. Planning started back in the last quarter of 2017 and I'm pleased I started early as it made for smooth running of the race, and a complete understanding of where we were at each stage. Consents had to be gained from the likes of Yorkshire Water and National Trust Marsden with support from a team of Marshalls, helpers, and Holme Valley Mountain Rescue. What made the ran the more stressful was the first use of Fabian4 for online entries, and Racetek for tracking; big thanks is due to Ellie and Adrian from Fabian4 who were on site to support us.

All went seamlessly. Yes, there were a fee glitches, but that's what happens in a big race! The photos below sum up why it was worth it. Happy runners and helpers, with all having a good race, whether running or not.

Monday of the Bank Holiday saw me race at Coiners fell race at Mytholmroyd, and boy what a race that was, 7 miles with a long climb to Stoodley Pike in 30 degree heat; a beast. But fun. I got an idea of what the Cake Racers had felt.

This weekend is a gulp moment, as I am entered into the Old County Tops fell race running as a pair with Gareth Evans from the Saddleworth Runners.

Yes, 37 miles and 10k feet of climb this Saturday...


Typing away on a cold and damp week in the North West

Well, typing away during a cold, damp, and dank week in the Man Cave office in Saddleworth. Thankfully it is nice and toasty in the house, with the wood burner on. Claire is with her parents descending on Hebden Bridge. Does Ronnie know it's deep secrets? I wonder. I may take him out for a pint and divulge all. Ted is engaged in "Ted TV" which entails sitting on top of a sofa, looking outside of the window, and woofing at bystanders who foolish pass in front of his domain.

This week has been a nice recovery from the Anglezarke Amble, as organised by the LDWA, on Saturday. 25.2 miles and approximately 4k of culmulative climb from Rivington and back, taking in the Pike, Winter Hill, Darwen Tower and Anglezarke Moor and reservoir. A beautifully scenic race normally, but Saturday's conditions meant it was appalling weather, cold, damp, raining all day, with snow underfoot, and very boggy conditions. All runners struggled, some more than most. At times I could not feel my fingers even with SealSkinz gloves on, to the point that I could not handle running vest buckles or my phone. On getting wet you chilled right down to the core and the only option was to move, or drop out. We were nearly broken at the second to last checkpoint prior to Great Hill with Claire really struggling with the cold, and the bad cough she had. That said we pushed on, completed it, got the time on our feet which will be helpful for the Edale Skyline in March... gulp.


Updating the Found Us website with new roles.

Well it's the start of 2018 and I have decided to upload some roles to the Found Us website. Please do have a read and pass the word. That said we don't really post roles as we are not a traditional recruiter. We generally craft roles for senior people and clients as we meet business needs, part of the consultancy offering of Found Us.

So, we don't really have roles to promote since we promote people and clients, matching both to each other and working together collaboratively to define a person's place in a company.

It works and we are proud that after four years of hard work we excel at bringing senior people together "off radar" and in a professional manner. We create the right roles for people, and find the right people for businesses.


Well it is the Trigger this Sunday 14th January 2018.

Well it is not long until the Trigger fell race which is this Sunday 14th January 2018, one of the more daunting fell races that I have undertaken - approximately 24 miles and 5,000 feet of cumulative climb, at a time of year when weather conditions can be atrocious. It is classed as an (in)famous fell race over the moors.

Of my friends I ask a favour. Ryan Townrow is a one of the Saddleworth Runners, who I run with, and a great guy. Sadly his beloved niece is suffering from a terrible condition called MPS III (Sanfilippo Syndrome) that will shorten her life. To raise money for the care of his niece Ryan is racing the Trigger and then running from Edale all the way back to Marsden, the Trigger in reverse; so approximately 50 miles and 10,000 feet of cumulative climb.

If you could donate to his JustGiving page, then I'd be grateful.


Well a lot has gone on...


Since the last post it has been busy to say the least. It was 10th December when I last waxed lyrical, and since then we've had Christmas in Hamilton with family, and a new year break to Otterburn which was wonderful.

Seeing Claire's family was a delight, as was a walk around Chatelherault with Ted. Father had a great time as well, and for him a needed break from being stuck at home in Macclesfield. A couple of days back in Saddleworth and then up to Otterburn to a holiday let for a week; quiet, just us, walking and running in beautiful scenery, food and relaxing.

So, it is back to work today (formally) but easing myself back into Found Us. Soon to launch the amended website, which I am looking forward to. And big thanks to Kuvalab and Website Warehouse for all the hard work and diligence. The business is shifting to consultancy work based on the commercial experience I have acquired over the years, with search and selection a key element within advertising, media, and marketing being key; leveraging my contacts and approach to people. 2018 will be an interesting year for me as it marks four years of incorporation of the business as per the end of February 2018, and the fifth year of trading. Funny when you look back at it all.

Trigger Recce with Ryan and Des - 9th December 2017

A great but "hairy" run from the Snake Pass summit to the top of Jacob's Ladder above Edale when on a recce of the Trigger, with Ryan Townrow and Des Thorpe. 14 plus miles, with just over 2.5k feet in cumulative climb. Lots of sheet ice hidden by the the snow, which proved treacherous, with a number of falls. That said it was an excellent adventure, with us finding a tricky checkpoint at some airplane wreckage.

A late post on the Lee Mill Relay Race in November 2017

Well we ran in the legendary relay on November 26th and it was interesting weather conditions to say the least, with one fell runner needing to be taken off the course with hypothermia. It was great to run with the "Saddleworth Stunners" and represent the club, and share a laugh with Dean, James, and Adrian.

It is a tough old course over the six miles, and at the time of year weather conditions can make it harsh, with this year seeing snow underfoot, cold weather conditions, and much of the moorland saturated to the point that bogs swallowed runners; I myself at one point helping pull a fellow runner out of a bog.

I also later learnt one of my candidates is a fellow fell runner and ran twice in the relay in two teams from his club!

Full details can be found at the Facebook Group.

A cracking time in Wales running the Penmaenmawr fell race 2017

A cracking time was had by those who attended the Penmaenmawr fell race on Saturday 18th November, from the Saddleworth Runners. Claire and I travelled down Friday night to Caer Ruhn Hall, about 20 minutes drive from the race which incidentally is at Capelulo up in the hills from the costal town. Pleased we did this as it was a nice break, not to mention we avoided an early start, whilst scoffing a lovely breakfast. I now wonder if the race is named after Penmaenmawr so that people can find the place! As to the hall, what a magnificent place, and I have popped a URL below; it is a hidden gem due to see better times from the hotel company that now owns it. Fingers crossed.

One of the funny things of Saturday, apart from an excellent race, were the Dutch running group who as a club make a habit of each year attending a British fell race!

Lastly, special mention goes to the The Tal Y Cafn pub where Claire and I had dinner Friday evening when staying at the hall. A wonderful old building refurbished to a modern standard inside, with amazing food. But what made it all the more special was the Manger spotted Claire's Hamilton accent, and we discovered he is from Hamilton, and went to the same school as Claire; it was fun to watch them chat.

Sadly, we headed back  home after I raced as Claire was still struggling with a terrible cold, and left the others to head off to Mark Brakspear's place in Abersoch.

Penmaenmawr fell race route.



Sat in Bill's on John Dalton Street

Bill's 15th Nov 2017.jpg

Bill's Manchester

It is with many thanks to Nicola Marsh that I have been introduced to Bill's on John Dalton Street. A new hidey hole for me when in Manchester. Lovely coffee with lovely food, and has allowed me to get a number of items, both personal and business done. Just awaiting Dan McDevitt for a coffee, which I'm looking forward to as I've not seen him for a while and keen to hear the latest on The Advantage Machine.

The week has been good thus far and yesterday was productive as I saw Lou and Jon of Kuvalab to chat about the re-brand of the Found Us website to be reflective of my shift into consultancy around people. I want Found Us to be a "People Consultancy" and I like that phrase; it sums up my being there for people whilst earning a little bit of money.